Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I think the problem with my life is that it's a constant struggle for my conscious to want to look like a badass

and wanting to be all prim and proper.

Prim and proper seems to win out since that's the career path I've chosen so far. When I turn 60, will it finally be ok to go hog wild and be a badass?


  1. When your sixty you can do what ever you want and if people get snutty about it it can pull the respect your elders slogan to shut them up.

  2. Oh gosh, Sometimes I feel the same. A lot of people assume that I'm a total asshole because I have green hair and look mean, but most of the time I'm pretty sweet, I think. You should totes just do what you want to do! Start now!
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  3. I have a goodie two shoes job and have always pretty much dressed the part. I have days that I want to look bad ass, days I want to be a cowgirl/gypsy and days I want to sit in my jammies...so I just wear it on the weekends!