Monday, October 1, 2012


I got stuck in traffic the other day as I mistakenly drove past Scranton High School as they were letting out students for the day. I graduated 10 years ago from high school this past June, and while I can't believe I graduated 10 years ago, I'm almost certain that no amount of money would make me want to go back and do it all again. It wasn't like I had an awful time in High School. I wasn't popular, but no one really bothered me. It probably helped that I was smart, and all the smart kids were popular so we had class together, every day for four years (five if you count 8th grade). But college.. yeah, I would totally go back and relive that.

Ten years ago, I was a freshmen at the University of Arizona studying political science and living in Gila Hall on campus. That was ten years ago... before I owned my first iPod. I only owned a cell phone for a few months. No one really texted, and I had to create my own ringtones with codes (mine was Hella Good by No Doubt). We left AIM up with away messages, and hoped someone would leave an IM message on there. Napster was useless, but Limewire was great. I didn't know what high speed internet was until my dorm had it. That was all ten years ago.. and I shouldn't really remember it, but I do.. almost vividly like it all happened yesterday (except I can't really remember what happened yesterday).

I remember I used to write my high school friends e-mails like a journal entry. They were probably painstankly detailed and long, but I wrote them anyway. I don't even think they responded to half of them, but I wrote them so I wouldn't forget.

I never wanted to forget my first big crush and all the moments he made my heart race.

I never wanted to forget the first time living on my own and being truly responsible for myself.

I never wanted to forget how easily college classes came to me.

I never wanted to forget discovering new music, new friends, a new life, and most importantly starting to discover me.

College influenced me in ways high school never did... academically, socially, you name it. So maybe that's why I remember exactly what it felt like when I left a nighttime class assignment and how the moon was so bright and the air was warm and how happy I felt. Maybe that's why I remember Chiho Wong and his Algebra class or why I remember the first time a guy told me I was beautiful.

Do you remember parts of your life better than others? Did high school or college influence you more? Which one changed you and made you the person you are today?


  1. I drove past my old school last week and remembered my dream that I would love to be one of those drivers on the road rather than in an office all day and so said so done, all my jobs have allowed me travel and work away from the office.

  2. I loved this post. It's so good to check in. It is so crazy how time flies.. I am approaching that 10 year mark.. Can't believe it. All the moments and people.. I can set up the scene in my head and emotions come flooding.. I remember the first cell phones.. and all the things you described.. OH THE DORMS.. also a poli sci major ;)
    what they is true.. time flies, and they are the best moments of your life!

  3. College was a much better experience for me than high school.