Monday, August 27, 2012

No Swimming :(

I'm so depressed... ok not clinically depressed, but I hurt my neck/shoulder a few weeks ago in my sleep! Yes, I woke up sore, and the pain just did not go away so I finally succumb to the pain (albeit mostly dull), and went to the chiropractor on Friday. He told me to lay off swimming laps and doing yoga for a few days as I have a swollen (abscessed) muscle. I went back to him today to do more therapy, and he told me I could resume yoga, but not swimming for a while ("Take a week off."- his words.. little did he know because of the pain I haven't done laps in a week.. and then it'll be possibly two weeks before I can go back).

I don't know if I ever shared the fact that I swim laps and do vinyasa yoga once a week with you. But, well now I am, and I have to admit I took an extended break from working out (way longer than it should have been, and even though it was good for my mind, it probably wasn't so good for my body). I got back into the swing of things recently and then injury happens (and not my exercising.. stupid sleep). You have no idea how much the no lap swimming deflated my motivation; I literally had my gym bag ready to swim laps tonight, and then nope, I can't. I only do yoga once a week (and to be honest I don't generally like it, but I like the stretch), and I swim the rest of the week. So all I can do is yoga and find the motivation to do the dreaded elliptical machine (oh how I loathe it) and dream about swimming until it's ok for my shoulder and neck.

Do you work out? How would you keep your motivation for it if injury subsided your training?


  1. I hope you feel better. I get the swimming thing a little. I was very exited to have access to a pool at my new place only to find out, the pool is closing soon for winter (wtf I'm in the south its warm) and you can't be in the pool alone. Thus since I don't know anyone, and everytime I want to go swimming the pools empty I can't use the pool and its just sitting there taunting me.

  2. OH no! I've been lucky enough that I haven't been injured since that really scares me- I don't know if I'd have the oomph to revamp my training if something got in the way of my half marathon that I'm so excited for. Feel better and I know you're not alone in what a bummer this is.

  3. I hope your injury is better very soon! I would just take it slow, and maybe try a different form of activity that doesn't involve the neck/back as much.

    What Lola Wants

  4. I hope you feel better now. Attending yoga classes in scranton pa would be very exciting :)