Sunday, March 4, 2012


March is one of those crazy months where a lot of my family members and friends celebrate birthdays including me. I also lump my mom in there even though she was born in April.. you'll see why.

A cousin, an aunt, my dad, my grandfather, and three friends celebrate their birthdays in the month of March, and throughout my 27 7/8's life (I'm not quite 28 yet!), I've known several people that shared the same birthday as me. What's with March babies? Does everyone go wild in June or something? ;)

Anyway, because my father's birthday is March 21, mine is the 27th, my paternal grandfather's is March 28, and my mom's birthday is April 6 (see why I like to lump her with the late March babies.. we're all Aries!), I wanted to post some old photos I digitized of the people that kind of made all these March babies... my grandparents. The period they grew up in is the most stylish era... not only do I have to thank them for life (corny but true), but I wish I could go back and steal they're style.

Happy Birthday, March babies :)

My maternal grandmother, Liz

my maternal grandparents, Liz and Andy (or Shorty as everyone called him)

Liz and Shorty after 5 kids.

My paternal grandparents, Shirley and Tom

Tom and Shirley... and my great-grandmother, Shirley's mom

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  1. Your relatives were oh so stylish! I really love that first picture-- the dress in it is beautiful! And how fun is it to be celebrating birthdays all lumped so closely like that! such a great excuse to go on holiday :)

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights