Saturday, April 23, 2011

City Chic

I feel honored and humbled to announce that I will be working with City Chic over the next couple months as one of their blogger models for their look book!  I'm really excited to be working with a company that many plus size bloggers admire, including myself.  I hope you all be excited to see what's in store just as much as me!

In the mean time, I have to take photos of me in City Chic gear for their look book.  I was thinking about doing photos all around Scranton or NEPA like I did for my holiday series.  Today, I will be taking photos of my first outfit at Manning's Ice Cream farm... I'm kinda of excited because I think the outfit reflects a rural country feel (even if Manning's is just on the out skirts of Scranton).. so let's hope the weather cooperates with me since it's currently rainy!

But for my NEPA followers, where else do you think I should photograph photos?  I'm not sure how much of the photo will be shown in the look book but I'd like to document my love for Scranton just as much as my love for City Chic clothes!  Let me know what you think in the comment section.  Also, I will be losing my photographer in a week, Katie, since she'll be moving to New York state for a new job!  Anyone willing to be my photographer for such excursions, please comment as well :)

And for now, City Chic is giving 30% off for Easter on their entire website... get on over there and treat yourself to something nice :)


  1. I already miss being your photographer! Wear a fabulous new outfit Friday! :)

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations! I can't wait to see you in their lookbook, you're going to be amazing! :D


  3. Katie- i just might have to wear one so you can photograph it one last time!

    lacara- aww thank you.. i had my mom snap some of me today.. i think they came out alright. i hope they use photoshop, haha :)

  4. Congratulations! I'll be having a nosey in their lookbook for definite haha!

    I always have the dilemma about where to take photos aswell, I'd take them anywhere that is of interest to you as your readers will hopefully find them as interesting as you do xx

  5. Congrats on the look book spot. Scranton has lots of pretty buildings and such it shouldn't be too hard to find good photo backdrops.