Friday, April 30, 2010

Charlotte Russe

First off, I have to thank Monique for making me the Feature Blogger on her website, Curves and Chaos!!  I feel honored to be apart of the weekly feature and to be included amongst all the beautiful bloggers that have been apart of it already (and the ones to come).  It's crazy to think that people from all over the WORLD read my little blog.  I know my tally count on the side says I have 29 subscribers, but I know more than those read this thing, and I just want to THANK all of you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to see what little 'ol me from Scranton, PA is up to and wearing!  I appreciate it more than words can say :)  You can check out the Q&A here.

Now, I had to work three 12 hr days from Tuesday through Thursday, so I had today off from work (yay for three day weekends!).  I decided to go to Charlotte Russe to see if I could spend my gift card that Courtney gave me for my birthday.  I usually only buy their accessories there, because well, frankly they're a trendy store for small sized teens/young adults/woman.  I decided to put the old fashion philosophy "Make it Work!" into practice and try some things out.  Charlotte Russe goes up to size XL, and I really liked this light weight white jacket they had and a very light aqua color shirt with rosettes on it.  I picked them up and went to the dressing room to try 'em on!

First the white jacket!
It fit, and I loved it!  Actually, I just like white jackets in general.  Every single spring/summer season, I buy one.  I think they are just an essential piece to have.  Now I have three for this season (one boyfriend blazer, one faux-leather jacket, and now this one)!

The Aqua Shirt
You can't really see the color, but it's extremely pretty.. and like the jacket it fit!  I really liked it as well (mostly for the color and romantic feel of the shirt), so I purchased it (not to mention it was on sale).

So, it just goes to show that no matter what, ladies, we can't be shy about trying things on!  Now go SHOP and find some great jems!


  1. Love your outfit from the blogger q&a. the shoes are awesome. I haven't been able to shop at Charlotte Russe in many years. I must admit I haven't even walked into a store in at least 3 or more yrs. Maybe I need to go check it out and see if I can make it work!

  2. Cid- thanks! The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters. I think they are like crazy on sale now! You should definitely check out Charlotte Russe.. even if none of the clothes suits your fancy, they always have great, cheap accessories.